7 maart 2017

INDIGO 2017 takes place on June 30

We're happy to announce INDIGO 2017! Our annual showcase will take place on June 30 2017 at a very special location: De LiK, a former prison. Save a spot in your calendar to play games in prison cells!

3 maart 2017

Support Pine on Kickstarter

Twirlbound has launched a Kickstarter for their game Pine, an adventure game that adapts to your play style.

16 februari 2017

Herald now available on Steam

Wispfire released Books I & II of their first game, Herald: An Interactive Period Drama, on PC, Mac, and Linux.

24 november 2016

Register now for the Global Game Jam 2017!

Registration for the Global Game Jam 2017 is now open. Jammers can participate at various locations in the Netherlands to make a game in one weekend.

7 november 2016

Sneaky Mammoth wint de Omgevingswet Game Jam

Gamestudio Sneaky Mammoth heeft de Omgevingswet & Healthy Urban Living Game Jam gewonnen en mag het prototype doorontwikkelen naar een volwaardige game waarmee Nederlandse burgers de Omgevingswet kunnen leren kennen en gebruiken.

30 september 2016

INDIGO 2016 sees surge of visitors

The seventh edition of INDIGO has attracted more than 1600 visitors on September 27th, 2016, a record number of visitors on one single day. Players, developers, students, press, publishers, government officials, and others all made our games showcase a huge success.

28 september 2016

FRU wins three Dutch Game Awards

At the Dutch Game Awards 2016 on Tuesday September 27th, four Awards have been won by two games from studios part of Dutch Game Garden. The Dutch Game Awards is the largest competition for Dutch game developers.

22 september 2016

Turtleneck Studios and Stitch Heads receive Unreal Dev Grants

Two Dutch developers Turtleneck Studios and Stitch Heads were chosen to be part of the Unreal Dev Grants: a program created by Epic Games to support outstanding developers who created their projects with the Unreal Engine 4.