Dutch Game Garden welcomes three new companies to the office community at Dotslash Utrecht: Mythiary Studios, Roblox Super Heroes and Yvora Game Studio. 

We’re excited to welcome them to the building and facilitate new connections with the Dutch games industry and facilitate growth through our services. Let’s get you introduced:

Mythiary Studios started in 2020 and presented their game Realmbrewer, a virtual tabletop, at the INDIGO Showcase of 2021. After another year of building and professionalising they are now working on several projects with their team. 

The former Roblox Super Heroes office was also located in Utrecht, but was missing a game-oriented community to connect with. With some successful Roblox games built over the last years, the company is looking to expand and connect with the Dutch games industry. Roblox Super Heroes’ founder Hidde Westerwoudt also joined the DGG Incubation program to further develop his business development and team management skills.

Yvora Game Studio started in Amsterdam, but moved to the DGG community to work on their new RPG project with a growing team. Their upcoming game is an ambitious project and the studio is CO2 neutral which deserves a little shout-out in itself!

Once again, a warm welcome to all teams!
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