What is INDIGOx?

INDIGOx is the largest game showcase event in the Netherlands, organized by Dutch Game Garden. This year INDIGOx celebrates its 10th edition, marking a new direction. Come to INDIGOx to find your next business opportunity during xCONNECT, listen to inspiring and practical talks during xTALKS, and play the best games during xDISCOVER.


xCONNECT, xTALKS, and xDISCOVER are three tracks that will take place during INDIGOx. Each of these tracks has a different focus and goal.

xCONNECT: This year, INDIGOx has partnered up with MeetToMatch to bring you a matchmaking tool that will help get you connected to publishers, service providers, and other game companies.

xTALKS: Six 30-minute talks by industry experts, prominent game companies and like-minded game entrepreneurs.

xDISCOVER: Come and discover a diverse selection of games from the Netherlands and abroad. PC, console, mobile, VR, serious games, new prototypes and more!








Lineup for 2019 INDIGOx Revealed

Gather round! Dutch Game Garden can proudly announce the games showcasing at INDIGOx 2019 in xDISCOVER. This years selection of 31 awesome games is a balanced variety between entertainment and applied games, student projects and studios, VR and non-VR, different...

Dutch Game Garden unveils speakers and developments for INDIGOx

Last Friday, Dutch Game Garden was able to promote the first three of six TALKS for INDIGOx, through its own social media channels. Earlier this year, Dutch Game Garden indicated that INDIGOx, the 10th edition of the INDIGO event, on 28 June, will be following a new...

INDIGOx: Submit your game for xDISCOVER!

Games registration is now open! xDISCOVER is one of the three event tracks at INDIGOx. xDISCOVER is the showcase for the finest and most outstanding games, organized by Dutch Game Garden. Developers can submit their game for the xDISCOVER showcase now. The xDISCOVER...

INDIGOx: Tickets available now!

Ticket sale starts now INDIGO, the largest game showcase in the Netherlands hosted by the Dutch Game Garden, celebrates its 10th edition on June 28 with a new name: INDIGOx. The grand event takes place at Speys in Utrecht and offers business opportunities for...

INDIGOx: 10th edition of INDIGO takes place June 28 2019

INDIGO, Dutch Game Garden's largest game showcase, returns in 2019 with a new name: INDIGOx, marking a new direction as well as the 10th edition of the event. INDIGOx takes place June 28th 2019 at Speys, Utrecht, the Netherlands. 2019 is the 10th anniversary of our...

Indigo 2017: In de gevangenis tonen indiestudio's hun vrijheid | Achtergrond | Gamer.nl

Het jaarlijkse Nederlandse indiegame-evenement Indigo vond dit jaar voor het eerst plaats in een gevangenis. Na de Dutch Game Garden en Tivoli Vredenburg was namelijk De Lik in Utrecht op 30 juni de bijzondere locatie waar een hoop games werden getoond.

Achtergrond: Nederlandse game-industrie toont nieuwe titels op INDIGO

Het spelfestival vond dit jaar plaats in de Lik, een oude gevangenis in Utrecht. De celdeuren op twee verdiepingen waren opengegooid zodat iedere studio een eigen kamer had om hun game te presenteren. De oude gymzaal werd ingericht als presentatieruimte voor virtual reality, terwijl in de bibliotheek praatjes werden gehouden door internationale gamebedrijven.

Nederlandse game helpt mensen om te gaan met prikkels

Voor 650.000 Nederlanders met een niet aangeboren hersenletsel is het lastig om om te gaan met prikkels. Om hen te helpen bedacht Adriaan de Jongh een game die je zo veel prikkels geeft dat je wel mo├ęt filteren.

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