Key facts & figures from the Games Monitor 2022 have been presented today at Dutch Game Day in Hilversum (NL). The Games Monitor reports on trends and developments in the Dutch video game industry, such as the number of companies, jobs, and revenue. 

The Dutch games industry has grown significantly in the last three years. Dutch game companies benefited from the growth of the global games market. A growth in revenue of almost 18% annually on average for Dutch game companies (to €420-440 million in 2021) surpasses the global average in the industry. The number of jobs also increased with more than 5% annually to 4560 jobs. The growth in the number of jobs is particularly visible in larger companies with over 50 employees. The largest number of jobs in the Dutch games industry can be found in the Greater-Amsterdam region (including Schiphol). As the second largest region in terms of employment, Utrecht has the largest number of jobs in applied or serious game companies. Due to the effects of the COVID pandemic, applied game companies have grown less rapidly than entertainment game companies.


Key facts & figures Dutch video game industry (Source: Games Monitor 2022)

Furthermore, figures for the past ten years show an evolution in the way in which growth is realized. Initially, the sector increased mainly in the number of companies. Between 2015 and 2018 growth could be seen mostly in the number of employees and in the last three years revenue showed the most noticeable increase. “The significant growth in revenue and the number of jobs in larger companies shows that the Dutch games industry is on the road to maturity”, says Christel van Grinsven, coördinator of the Games Monitor. 

The Games Monitor 2022 is presented by Dutch Game Garden, Dutch Games Association and Videogame Federatie Nederland (VGFN).

The full report will be published later this year.