Dutch Game Garden consists of an assorted team of professionals from different fields. Our past staff members have carved their own path within the game industry and can be found everywhere.


Portrait of JP

JP van Seventer

Managing Director

JP left his mark on the Dutch game industry early on as a designer for console, PC, and handheld games. He later became head of production at W! Games (Vanguard Games/Force Field), and professor at the HKU. JP started at DGG as a Development Director, where his experience and knowledge helped many starting companies grow. These days, he is the final boss that guides the strategic direction.

Portrait of JP

Christel van Grinsven

Managing Operations

Financial reports, budgets, risk analyses, you name it – Christel can do it.  With her ample experience with (semi-)governmental organizations that stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, this number-lover is always ready to guide Dutch Game Garden safely through the turbulent ocean of multiannual management plans. This helps us to stay energetic, sharp and focused on our core target group: startups in the games industry.

Portrait of Aryeh

Aryeh Loeb

Managing Incubation

Aryeh has been active in the industry for 20 years. In that time he has filled a variety of roles for a huge number of games. Aryeh started in journalism and retail, and went on to work in publishing (Mindscape) and development (Guerrilla Games, Gamious). As an Incubation Manager, he uses his experience and expertise in AAA studios and startups to help the incubation participants reach the next level.

Portrait of Tom

Krista Hendriks

Managing Communication

Krista has worked as a communications manager for several network organizations in the creative and cultural sector. She loves writing and organizing events where passionate people can meet. With some years of experience at Dutch Games Association, the games industry is familiar ground. Krista will make sure all communication about INDIGO and the Games Monitor reach the right people.

Board members


Portrait of JP

Peter Laanen


Starting as a programmer in the late 60’s, Peter has an extensive business acumen in the Netherlands and abroad. He co-founded the Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, California. Peter was introduced into the Dutch American Hall of Fame in 2012 and currently supports European companies in making a soft landing in Silicon Valley. His company, Laanen – The Brand, does this by focusing on the development of entrepreneurial fundamentals and making the most of opportunities and challenges.

Portrait of JP

Selma Oors

Board member

Selma started as a game artist and developed her entrepreneurial skills as one of the co-founders at Stolen Couch Games. She then switched to production at Nixxes, working as a lead producer on Marvel’s Avengers. Here, she experienced AAA development and helped lead one of the content teams. She is currently the Senior Operations Manager at Twin Suns Corp where she focuses on safeguarding the company’s cultural goals. Selma’s extensive experience in the industry will be of great value to the development of current and new Dutch Game Garden programs.

Portrait of JP

Tim Laning

Board member

Tim Laning is co-founder of the game studio Grendel Games in Leeuwarden. His game Underground, aimed at training surgeons, received international praise from Forbes, calling it a ‘game that can change the world’. From Leeuwarden, Tim Laning not only runs Grendel Games, but also supports the games industry in the northern part of the Netherlands. He built the curriculum of the game development program of the NHL University of Applied Sciences, ensured the financing of various projects, and brings together government, investors, and startup companies.

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