Incubation Program

Our incubation program helps promising game startups with business development.

The Incubation program

As business center and incubator, the Incubation Program is one of our main focuses. Through this series of monthly trainings, we help Dutch companies to create and build their own professional game studio. Every first Wednesday of the month at our Utrecht office, the incubees gather for a full day of Q&A’s, S&T’s, workshops, and discussions.

We provide access to knowledge required to run a business, connect you with experts in the game industry, and give you new insights into your company. The Incubation centers around a specific theme each month, surrounding Marketing, Team Management, Strategy, Production, Financing, and Legal.

Dutch Game Garden is also an official Facilitator for a Start-Up Visa, meaning that game companies that want to immigrate and settle in the Netherlands can ask to join our program. Right now all spots are taken, but maybe in 2022 there will be spots opening up again.

If you are interested and if you have a game company, please read the rules from the Dutch government first. If you are still able and willing to follow their guidelines and still need a Facilitator, apply below with details about your game company and business plan for The Netherlands.

Due to the amount of applications we receive and lack of spots we can only respond to serious applications by game companies.

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Incubation workshop

What’s in it for me?

The Incubation Days increase your network, expands your knowledge and inspires you to create an awesome company! Through the Incubation program we offer access to Dutch Game Garden’s network of experts, who will advice you on any problem you might have. 

The program is free, but not without obligations. We expect studios to commit fully to the program, meaning that we expect you to be present and share your knowledge with others. Together, we are stronger.

During the rest of the month, we facilitate this network through Discord. This allows all companies in our program to ask for advice from each other or from a preferred industry professional, at any given time.

Build Your Network

Learn From Professionals

Be Inspired

What’s a typical session like?


We ask you to come to our sessions prepared for the day, for example by watching a short video, or doing a bit of reading about the current topic. We will send you the agenda, so you will have a complete overview of the day to come. Then the real fun starts!


The walk-in of a session starts bright and early at 9AM, after which we hold a roundtable session, followed by a workshop. During these moments, we discuss your stance towards the subject and find solutions regarding the problems you might have encountered. After the workshop we hold a Q&A or S&T with an industry professional, who shares their knowledge and gives insightful tips and tricks. 

Then it’s time for lunch! Our incubation days are paired with the Network Lunch, where you can grab a bite and meet with the games industry in a relaxed setting.

After lunch we continue the Incubation with another Q&A or S&T, and circle sessions. We encourage you to dare to ask any question you might have. At the end of the day, we reflect on the lessons we’ve learned.


To make sure you make the most of the session, we will send out an overview of the Incubation session. In this, you can review the questions that have been brought up, the answers that were given, and the lessons that were learned. Use this follow-up to keep track of all the important developments, and stay inspired!

Apply for the Incubation Program

We’re always excited to welcome ambitious game startups! You can join at any time during the year.

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