From every experience of setting up and running a business valuable lessons can be learned. Dutch Game Garden’s new publication GameBiz Stories is here to collect and preserve these stories. The current edition explores funding strategies.

With the maturing of the Dutch games industry, the range of funding strategies has widened too. Where bootstrapping once seemed the only way forward to maintain creative freedom, in the last years more and more examples of different funding strategies emerged.

The goal of this magazine is to inspire game developers about outside investment as another valid way of growing a game company. However, the stories we have collected cover all sorts of funding journeys: from starting up by bootstrapping to using project- and equity funding. Six interviews with (former) game business owners tell the tales of how they went about financing their companies and projects. Some show how investments helped to grow businesses, others are cautionary tales  – but all are meant to inspire you.  

The magazine closes with an overview of the growth of the Dutch games industry in the last 3 years and connects the dots between a maturing industry and the rising number of outside investment deals. And as there is no one way to go about funding a business (what works for one person, might be a disaster for another), an overview of key takeaways has been added to preserve the lessons learned.

The digital magazine is out now: request your copy here. The printed magazine will be presented at the Network Lunch on December 7.

We hope you enjoy these GameBiz Stories!