september, 2017

27sepallday28alldayNFF Interactive: Storyspace

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The arrival of new technologies changes the way we live, work, love, but also how we tell and experience stories. These stories are different, interactive and digital and they transform under our hands: wifi networks, Snapchat and Instagram, smartphones, tablets, but also chat bots, augmented reality and algorithms constitute today’s new tools. The new programme section NFF Interactive: Storyspace showcases these stories and explains how they are created, by whom, and why they are so fascinating, inspiring and exciting.

These new stories are at times Shakespearian, at other times Hollywoodian, give imagination a face-lift, are hot on the heels of reality, and use the latest technology as a binding force. For two days, the NFF and their partners give the floor to the creators of this new era, introducing the players, showing how they work and what they make. Beam me up, Scotty!

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september 27 (Wednesday) - 28 (Thursday)