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Garden Agency

Looking for games to sign in the Dutch industry? Hit us up! Looking for developers to develop that game or application for your organization? Talk to us!  Game Garden Agency helps game studios find publishers and work-for-hire projects.

What is Game Garden Agency?

Through Game Garden Agency we offer a matchmaking service in which we connect game companies with publishers, investors, and other companies. We pitch their game and can negotiate a fair deal, making sure both parties are happy with the contract. 

A number of studios are looking for work-for-hire projects as well. We regularly get contacted by companies that are offering these kinds of projects, and we connect them with the studio that best fits their wishes.

Occasionally, we help game companies with recruitment by introducing them to skilled candidates.  For all these activities, we work on a no cure, no pay basis. This makes our services accessible for game studios operating on low budgets. 

Drop by our Network Lunch or get in touch with JP to learn more!



Looking to hire a game studio for a project? We connect you with experienced game studios that fit your wishes.



Are you a publisher scouting for new games? Contact us to see our portfolio of upcoming games by Dutch developers.


Finding Talent

Looking for new employees? We can connect you to the right person in our vibrant community of game professionals and recent graduates.

Portrait of JP

JP van Seventer

Managing Director

Contact JP

Interested to know more about the Dutch Game Garden Agency or how we can assist your company? Contact JP!

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