Vlambeer has announced their book “120 Years of Vlambeer and Friends”, an art book that documents the studio’s history.

Vlambeer is a Dutch independent game studio founded by Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman and is known for titles like Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne, LUFTRAUSERS, and Super Crate Box. For their upcoming 6-year anniversary in September 2016, Vlambeer has announced “120 Years of Vlambeer and Friends. Bringing back arcade games since 1896”, an art book that documents the studio’s history.

The art book chronicles Vlambeer’s inception and rise to fame and covers everything the studio has made to date. The book consists of Vlambeer’s history, designs, and projects and includes design sketches, ideas, and conversations from Vlambeer’s archives, as well as interviews with the founders and the team members. The book is published by Cook & Becker and comes in two forms, a Standard Edition and a signed Collector’s Edition. It will be available later this year.