Incubation Companies

The Incubation Program brings together a diverse group of aspiring game companies looking to build a strong business around their video game projects. The program currently has a capacity of approximately 20 teams.

Below you can find information on several companies participating in the program.


AFTERNATURE productions is a young independent game studio focused on deep narrative-driven experiences inspired by European and arthouse cinema. Founded by interdisciplinary artist Leandros Ntolas, AFTERNATURE aims to elevate video games closer to mature and profound artistic experiences. We are currently working on the studio’s debut title, an atmospheric, psychological third-person RPG with light sci-fi elements, set in the Balkans.

We are Enchanted Works, a small game studio from the Netherlands with a mission to challenge, enchant and evoke wonder. Our game Nomori is a mind-bending puzzle adventure that asks you to control time and space to journey through a discorded spirit world. Take shortcuts through portals, rotate your perspective, and control the flow of time to move forward, whichever way that is. 

We are Fifth Harbour Studios, a small indie developer from the Netherlands that recently released their first title called Project Planet, a unique, strategical party game with social deduction elements. At Fifth Harbour, we want to create the best games by putting fun first and creating experiences players can experience together with friends.

We are Games by Hyper, your partner in Unreal Engine Development. We empower game creators by offering modular components, game templates, and courses

We’re Ghoul School Games, a group of (currently 5) game-making ghouls from the Netherlands. We strive to make stylized games that are unique and honest. Our first and current project is SHREDLANDS, a radically fast Swordsurfing Action game in which you’re always on the move, Fighting bosses in an ongoing journey down Mount Shred.

Grim Leaper Studios is a indie team of ambitious developers, currently working hard to bring their new roguelite ‘Lichbound’ to light. This brand new hack ‘n slash seeks to twist some classic roguelite conventions. Upgrade your enemies, combine your foe’s attacks into your own combos, and more! Set out to destroy the evil Lich before he gains control of Spirit Realm’s residents, and save the afterlife. Wishlist now on Steam!

We are JamPics! We’re a dynamic game development duo fueled by a passion for crafting kind, wacky, and over-the-top games! Trying to create smiles, one game at a time! We previously created GardenBuddies, a heartwarming life sim, and we’re currently pouring our creativity into Footsy, a crazy physics-based party game!

Karuga is an innovative force in the gaming industry, we are in development of an unique horror-themed game that captivate and challenge players. With a strong focus on storytelling, immersive experience, and a dedicated fan base, we’ll deliver a spine-tingling adventure that redefines the horror game genre.

Moon Mole Games is a two-person indie game development team based in Europe. We make fresh and funky games with a focus on innovative concepts, rapid development, and early market validation. 

Nifty Llama Games uses video games to craft impactful stories that raise player empathy and understanding of real world problems. We are creating Ruth’s Journey.

Rebel Games, founded two years ago in the Netherlands, is dedicated to advancing game development through expert use of AI. Our adept team of developers seamlessly integrates AI tools and techniques, with a dual aim: to boost efficiency and enhance gameplay, ultimately enriching the overall player experience. We take pride in crafting captivating casual games tailored for the audience we cherish.

Rooibos Games is the legal entity of Joram Wessels, senior Unreal C++ programmer. He develops plugins for the Unreal marketplace, consults on Unreal development, and develops games that inspire peace and kindness.

At Shiny Sloth Games we like to create the games we dreamt of as kids. We’re working on Boss Battle Builder, a top-down action game where you fight bosses to the beat of the music and take risks to set highscores. When you’re done fighting bosses, craft your own epic final boss battles in the editor and challenge your friends (and the internet) to beat them.

Lee Hammoud, a seasoned Unreal Engine developer, currently working on a VR flying game called Soar and has prior experience as a 3Cs developer with Lunacy Studios. His impressive portfolio includes the creation of “Psychoverse City,” showcasing his expertise in immersive virtual experiences and game development.

Studio Mantasaur is a Dutch startup game studio based in The Netherlands, Utrecht. We are a small team of 4 and like to make light-hearted and colourful experiences. We are currently working on ‘All Hands on Deck’ which is a cozy co-op game in which you use various unique items to solve puzzles!

Super Heroes, a dynamic force on Roblox, is committed to gaming innovation, specializing in fighting games. Our young, international team passionately crafts quality games like Super Hero Tycoon and the upcoming Hero Brawl, redefining the gaming landscape. With an impressive 17 million monthly active users and over 4 billion play sessions, our statistics speak volumes about our widespread appeal. Immerse yourself in captivating adventures!

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