Proun, the artful race game by Joost van Dongen has won a Dutch Design Award in de category “Communications & Digital Media”.


The Dutch Design Awards are held annually in the city of Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. It’s the first time a video game is awarded this prestigious award.Joost van Dongen made the game almost all by himself in his spare time (apart from the music, which was made by Arno Landsbergen). The game has been inspired by the art of painters like El Lissitzky and Kandinsky. Proun managed to turn heads in different museums around the country and of course, it was featured at the very first installment of INDIGO in 2010.
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When not designing great indie titles like Proun, Joost van Dongen is lead programmer at Ronimo Games, famous for their hit game Awesomenauts.