INDIGO is the leading game business and showcase event in the Netherlands, organized by Dutch Game Garden. This year INDIGO celebrates its 11th edition. Come to INDIGO to find your next business opportunity at MeetToMatch, play the best games and connect with its developers at DISCOVER and listen to inspiring and practical talks during TALKS.

The games you can play at INDIGO are very diverse: they range from traditional computer games to social games that you can play in public spaces. INDIGO is not only a platform where developers can present their new games to the public, but it is also a market for publishers, investors, press, and other interested parties. The developers are presenting them on our special custom-made cabinets, and are excited to show you their creations!

We organize our big INDIGO showcase once a year. For special occasions, such as Gamescom in Cologne or the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we are sometimes present with a small selection of INDIGO games. This is our traveling roadshow where we showcase the top games of previous editions or provide new titles with the opportunity to be presented to the public.

At the 10th edition of INDIGO in 2019, 31 games were showcased: among the selection were multiplayer games, mobile games, VR games, and games with alternative controllers. Last years edition took place at Speys Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands. And we are back at Speys Jaarbeurs this year as well for INDIGO 2020!