Access over 10 hours of Talks presented at INDIGO 2022 by seasoned professionals from the Dutch and international games industry. Dive into game design lessons, personal career stories, localisation tricks, building production funnels, using equity for long-term success and much more for only €9,99! All recorded on high quality with high quality sound. 

Lectures, panels and interviews on everything concerning game business and development is what INDIGO Talks is all about. Speakers from the Dutch and International games industry shared their high quality talks on relevant topics in the on-site Talks Conference at INDIGO. But INDIGO doesn’t stop there: all talks have been recorded and are now available in the INDIGO 2022 Vault.

Learn how production funnels are built at Guerrilla, or how the faces for the characters in Horizon Forbidden West were created. Let Kate Edwards inspire you about how to defend your creative vision against intrusive local regulations. Get 60 game design lessons in 30 minutes from Tji’èn Twijnstra, Game Director at Story Giant Games. Learn about using equity for long-term success by game investment powerhouse Amplifier Game Invest. Or dive into a high quality panel about creating the right company culture for everyone to thrive. Discover these and many more valuable Talks in the INDIGO Vault. The full list includes:

Rising challenges to global game creation – Kate Edwards, SetJetters/Geogrify
Leveraging external development for small teams: enabling your team to do what they do best – Juney Dijkstra, Electronic Arts
Creating the many faces of Horizon Forbidden West – Arno Schmitz, Guerrilla
60 game design lessons in 30 minutes – Tji’èn Twijnstra, Story Giant Games
Quality over quantity: a possible future for videogame events – Leon Winkler, Ubisoft
Even Tom Hanks thinks he’s a loser from time to time – Scott Davidson, Player Unknown Productions
Why cryptogames and tokenomics in gaming can be a source for innovation – Omar Ramirez, Merit Circle
From the snowy hills of Umea to to world domination: Zordix’s journey in becoming an international gaming powerhouse – Martijn van Doorn, DDM & Matti Larsson, Zordix
Building machines for a better future in ‘Horizon’ – Maxim Fleury & Lennart Franken, Guerrilla
Why VC, project funding and publishers suck – Per-Arne Lundberg & Tim Glaus, Amplifier Game Invest
VAF Co-development support: giving (Dutch) developers creative and financial gain – Youri Loedts, VAF & Olivier Oosterbaan, LMO Lawyers
After the Fall insights: bleeding edge VR development at Vertigo Games – Pepijn van Duijn, Shanice Lapierre Armande & Peter Deurloo, Vertigo Games
The story behind ‘We Were Here’: INDI-GO your own way! – Lucia de Visser, Total Mayhem Games
How to find and attract great people without using a recruiter – Enrico Heidelberg, Riot Games
Panel: Company Culture – Sacha Blom (Paladin Studios), Kate Edwards (SetJetters/Geogriphy), Leon Winkler (Ubisoft) & Scott Davidson (Player Unknown Productions)

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