Last Friday, Dutch Game Garden was able to promote the first three of six TALKS for INDIGOx, through its own social media channels. Earlier this year, Dutch Game Garden indicated that INDIGOx, the 10th edition of the INDIGO event, on 28 June, will be following a new business centerd strategy. Through this new business-driven path, INDIGOx 2019 is divided into 3 different segments, each with their own function: the xCONNECT program facilitates matchmaking between studios and publishers, xTALKS inspires visitors with presentations from industry leaders and experts, and the traditional game showcase from INDIGO has been renamed to xDISCOVER for it’s 2019 edition.

The xTALKS program of 2019 will host six TALKS, three of which have been announced last week. The speakers will discuss topics on game development themes, such as production, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. Dutch Game Garden wants to stimulate these important features that are considered necessary for a successful game studio besides traditional disciplines such as coding and art. Dutch Game Garden also encourages this through, among other things, their Incubation program, where developers meet monthly and are provided insights and training on running a studio.

Part of the first 3 xTALKS is Ard Bonewald, lecturer in game design and production at BUAS (formerly NHTV), who will provide examples on good and bad production and management methods in game development. Michiel van Galen, from Gamebasics Studio, will show visitors how to recognize important data and how it can add value for a game after its publication. Sjoerd de Jong & Andreas Suika, from Epic Games, known from the hugely popular game Fortnite, talk about new developments in Unreal Engine and how Epic Games experienced the past year. The publisher, studio and Unreal Engine developer, has launched its own platform to compete with platform giant Steam and has made $ 100 million available annually to support developers.

The business-centred focus, needed within a studio, is also addressed in the new xCONNECT program. Throughout the day, Dutch Game Garden, together with MeetToMatch, will enable visitors to schedule appointments with various parties such as publisher, investors, platform managers, and developers of tools. Big names like Epic Games, Deep Silver, Nintendo, CI Games, Oculus, and more, have already committed themselves to the track. xCONNECT is the highest level of INDIGOx, where the business aspects of game development come into contact with the creative. It is a platform for game studios to present their game in an accessible way to international parties, that can help studios with growth and reach to a larger audience.

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