10:00 Doors open
11:00 Talk by Unreal
19:00 Happy Hour
20:00 INDIGO Award Ceremony
21:00 End



Talk: The Future – Epic Games (11:00, Kinepolis room 3)

Epic Games‘ Sjoerd De Jong will talk about what the Unreal Engine in the year 2018 stands for and what its future entails for Epic Games and the games industry. From Fortnite‘s success and its push towards crossplay or AAA games on mobile, to the push for getting game technology adopted by other industries and the work opportunities that opens up, to the complex surrounding ecosystem of a commercially available game engine in 2018. Education and training, funding and publisher initiatives, marketing assistance, and so forth. Sjoerd will give a look into how Epic develops the engine, and what their vision is for the future of the games industry.



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