Program June 28th 2019

09:00 – 18:00

In collaboration with MeetToMatch, INDIGO gives game companies the unique opportunity to meet with publishers, service providers, and other game companies. Meet with:

Nintendo Europe

Epic Games

Blue Mammoth Games

CI Games (United Label)

Plug-in-Digital / Dear Villagers

Maximum Games



Deep Silver / Koch Media

Headup Games


Gamebasics Studio

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09:30 – 12:30

Insider tips, tricks and tactics for game business! Listen to industry experts, prominent game companies and entrepreneurs when they share their experience with you. Our six 30-minute talks will inspire you to bring your business to the next level!

How to Pitch the Next 100 Million Dollar App - GSN Games

In her xTALK, Ruby Urlings will answer this question. Learn how to win over your boss, investor or publisher by transforming your game idea into a business case. Be there when she shares her insights and gives you tips on how to receive funds for a successful game launch!

A Practical Guide to Being an Awesome Producer - Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS)

Learn from the successes and mistakes of experienced producers. You’ll get a list of practical tips from Ard Bonewald on how to be awesome and avoid the pitfalls of game development.

How to Generate Value from your Game Data - Gamebasics Studio

After publishing a game, the data journey really starts. Which data do you need to keep an eye out for? How to generate value from your data and apply this to your game? In this talk Michiel van Galen likes to share the experiences from GB.

Discoverability in a Digital Haystack - Plan of Attack

How do you get noticed in a never ending sea of “great”? In her xTALK, Audra McIver discusses practical strategies to maximize your chances of being discovered in the ever-increasing haystack of digital content.

Unreal Engine & Ecosystem and the Future - Epic Games

Unreal Engine evangelists Sjoerd de Jong and Andreas Suika will speak about the on-going evolution of the Unreal Engine & how Epic Games sees the future and how that will help developers succeed in today’s games industry.

Go Crazy with Physical Animations in Unreal Engine - Epic Games

Unreal Engine Evangelist Sjoerd de Jong and Andreas Suika will speak about Physical Animations in the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine provides a lot of next level control over skeletal meshes, but… they can also yield crazy results. This talk will show you how to set it up and put a funky element to your game very easily!

12:00 – 23:59

Join us and DISCOVER a diverse selection of games on PC, console, mobile, VR, serious games, prototypes and more! Choose your favorite game and influence the voting of the INDIGO Award. Stay for the drinks and party with your new friends!

12:00 – 20:00 Showcase

19:00 – 19:30 INDIGOx Award

20:30 – 23:59 Party