To fully tap the potential of games as a tool for better and more affordable healthcare, local government and private investors will finance a national programme called Growing Games. More than 25 organisations, including Dutch Game Garden, have committed themselves to making the programme a success.

Using games as a tool for affordable and better health care, the investments will lead to innovative solutions, a growth in new (applied) game studios, incubators and improved use of technology.The Netherlands Insitute for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) and KPMG will all contribute their knowledge on professionalization, entrepreneurship and applied games. A special Value Center will validate games on their intended effects, so that future clients have the guarantee these applied titles do what they say they do. A center like that is unique in the world.

Utrecht: game hub with a strong reputation

The Utrecht region is one of the biggest game hubs in Europe: 50% of all game development personnel in the Netherlands is educated in Utrecht, while more than one-third of all game jobs in the country is located in Utrecht and nearby Hilversum. On top of that, the region boasts a large healthcare industry. Because of this unique mix of opportunities, the Economic Board Utrecht greenlit the Growing Games programme.
The province of Utrecht will finance the initial setting up of Growing Games, private investors will set up special funds and the Value Center. Dutch Game Garden will lend its expertise and vast network to Growing Games.
It is estimated that the amount of jobs in applied games will grow from 1,000 in 2012 to about 2,300 in 2015.


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