Game Bakery hosted the first Game Bakery Award on July 24th on the GameKings Twitch stream. The original award ceremony was scheduled for March 13th in the Forum in Groningen but couldn’t continue due to the pandemic lockdown introduction. Game Bakery collaborated with GameKings to host the Award ceremony online.

In total Game Bakery received 470 votes on the 15 categories. The nominees of the categories were chosen by Game Bakery. In the process, invalid votes from fans, family, or business connections were disqualified.

Pine, released by Breda’s Twirlbound was the biggest winner and managed to win all the 6 awards it was nominated in. Winning Best Entertainment Game, Best Art Direction, Best Technical Achievement, Best Music and Audio, Best Game Design en Best Achievement.

Bone Voyage, winner of the INDIGO 2019 award won Best Student Project. Tomas Sala was chosen as the Dutch Game Industry Ambassador of 2019 and René Otto won the award for Gamechanger 2019. Reducept, by Reducept and Grendel Games won Best Serious Game.

Dutch Game Garden was nominated for Best Community together with Women in Games NL, Games [4Diversity], and Playdev Club and took home the award in the category.

  • Best Entertainment Game: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best Achievement: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best Art Direction: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best Co-creation: Reducept (Reducept & Grendel Games)
  • Best Community: Dutch Game Garden
  • Best Game Design: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best Innovation: Eloquence (Multiverse Narratives)
  • Best Music and Audio: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best Narrative Design: We Were Here Together (Total Mayhem Games)
  • Best Serious Game: Reducept (Reducept & Grendel Games)
  • Best Student Project: Bone Voyage (Team Cobblestone)
  • Best Technical Achievement: Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Best XR Game: Track Lab (Little Chicken)
  • DGI Ambassador 2019: Tomas Sala
  • Gamechanger 2019: René Otto