Alterego Games and Digital Forest have launched a Kickstarter for their game Woven, a puzzle adventure game set in a seemingly safe world made out of wool.

With their Kickstarter campaignAlterego Games and Digital Forest gather resources to fund development and marketing costs. Woven is planned to release on PC first. Depending on the results, Woven might hit other platforms as well. Alterego Games is part of Dutch Game Garden Hilversum.

About Woven

In Woven, you play with Stuffy, a kind, but also a bit clumsy stuffed animal in the shape of an elephant. Stuffy will face a lot of obstacles and sometimes Stuffy’s heavy elephant feet or clumsy arms simply won’t be able help you. You will have to find the blueprints of different animal shapes, and reknit Stuffy into different shapes so he can overcome the obstacles. Elephant legs may be strong, but rabbit legs would allow you to jump! Finding and combining the right blueprints is a major part of gameplay in Woven. The game has been laced with a fully voiced narrator that guides the player through the story about the hidden danger to the woolen world.

Woven on Kickstarter

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Play the demo here.