Dutch Game Garden is involved as an industry partner in a new research project that aims to involve households actively in the energy transition. The research was granted through the call ‘Energy transition as a socio-technological challenge’ by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

The application was initiated by Dr. Ir. Ioannis Lampropoulos and several other professors from Utrecht University. The aim of the project is to create user-centered sustainable energy systems, by developing integrated tools that can provide a shared platform between citizens and the energy system. The ultimate goal is to have households play an active role in the energy transition. 

To build these integrated tools, game research will be coupled with advanced modelling techniques and smart meter data to provide informed and reliable feedback to citizens about optimal energy management in households. The developed tools will be demonstrated and verified in several Dutch municipalities for enhancing energy consumer empowerment.

For more information about the project and its partners, visit the website of the Dutch Research Council.