About the Network Lunch

Every first Wednesday of the month, Dutch Game Garden hosts a network lunch for companies and parties who are interested in our program. It is an afternoon of efficient networking for creative professionals, teachers, project leaders, future interns, and potential clients. Many visitors of our network lunch leave with a new client, project, job, internship, or just a good idea.

The network lunch starts at 12:00 with a brief summary of news from Dutch Game Garden and an update regarding upcoming events and activities in the games industry. A short round of pitches will follow this, during which you can present yourself and your ideas to everyone. It also is possible to leave your contact information on our monthly network list that we use to bring you into contact with other interested parties that have visited the lunch.

During the network lunch there is the opportunity to join a tour of Dutch Game Garden, for those who do not yet know us or would like to know more about us.

Each lunch we present promising new games and playable concepts by both students and professionals from all over the Netherlands. The creators themselves will be there to present their game and to answer any questions.

Eat, play, network, and come to see some of the latest talent from the Netherlands!

Note: this event is invite only. Please email if you want to attend.

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