The campaign for Pine started on March 9th and ended on April 11th. The last 72 hours turned out to be very crucial: the raised amount went from €80,000 to the final amount of €121,480.

Twirlbound, part of Dutch Game Garden Breda, is able to develop Pine further to commercial release with the amount that was collected.


Pine is a 3D action adventure game focusing on adapting in an open world. Your interaction with the several species of Albamare will in turn affect how they will interact with you and the world through evolving but also devolving.
Pine has already won several awards:

  • Official Selection: Indie Prize Berlin 2017
  • Unity Awards: Best Student Project 2016
  • Square Enix Collective: Highest Rated Ever 2016

More information

The Kickstarter page of Pine can be found here. Read here how Pine will evolve through several development stages.