In case you were wondering when the next edition of INDIGO will be held: we have decided for several reasons to move the event a few months into the future.

We are definitely continuing INDIGO, but we’re doing so in Autumn (that’s Fall for Americans) This decision gives us the time needed to bring the event to a whole new level. The exact date will be announced at a later time.
Have you developed a game or are you working on a prototype of which you think it must be at INDIGO? Let us know. Fill out our contact form, link to a playable version or snazzy video and maybe we’ll select your game to be featured during INDIGO. Sending in a game in no way means you’re already selected: we call the shots after all.

Festival of Games

During the Festival of Games on April 19th and 20th in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs (Utrecht Trade Mart) we’re present again with our roadshow INDIGO on the Road. This is the place for ambitious, starting developers to get exposure and attention from dozens of publishers, investors and fellow-developers.
INDIGO is Dutch Game Garden’s yearly playable showcase of the coolest new game projects by students, startups and indie game developers. With the event we aim to bring together developers, publishers and investors and create economic possibilities and exposure for new and existing game companies.