Dutch Game Garden and Jaarbeurs join forces to create a platform for developers to showcase their games at DYTG: the INDIGO Game Pavilion.

The DYTG (Dutch YouTube Gathering) is the largest online video event in the Benelux, with 10,000 visitors from 12 to 21 years old. The DYTG event provides a fun day of performances as well as meet&greets with famous YouTube vloggers. The vloggers attending this event have a total reach of over 17 million followers and over 150 million views. As a game developer, you get in touch with game fans and connect with various game vloggers.The INDIGO Game Pavilion consists of 12 INDIGO arcade cabinets, with space for promotional material. The booth will have an entrance and exit, allowing fans to line up for the games as well as enabling us to close the area for VIP vloggers when needed.

When: April 30th – May 1st, 10:00 – 18:00
Where: Jaarbeurs in Utrecht

These are the games that will be showcasing at DYTG:

Action Henk! by RageSquid
Curve Fever 3 by Curve Fever
Dimension Drive by 2Awesome Studio
Herald by Wispfire
Hidden Folks by Adriaan de Jongh & Sylvain Tegroeg
Lethal League by Team Reptile
Metrico+ by Digital Dreams
Planetoid Pioneers by Data Realms
Renowned Explorers by Abbey Games
Tied Together by Napalmtree
Tricky Towers by WeirdBeard

Check out a few trailers!