Dutch Game Garden hosts INDIGO: on the Road during THINK DESIGN PLAY at the Utrecht School of the Arts. This fully playable showcase features nine game projects by Dutch students, indie developers and promising young start-ups.

Since 2010, INDIGO has been Dutch Game Garden’s premier showcase of game projects by talented developers from the Netherlands. Besides the annual main exhibition, Dutch Game Garden takes a selection of titles ‘on the Road’ during important events throughout the year. THINK DESIGN PLAY is just such an occasion.

One of these projects is Mindout by Dreams of Danu, which utilises the Neurosky Mindset brain computer interface. Other titles include Volo Airsport by Martijn Zandvliet, a prototype centered around wingsuit flying, and 4-player party game Darwin’s Disco by Garbage Game Development. The Winnitron NL indie game arcade machine will be present as well, just as The Jelly Reef for Microsoftís Surface table and more.
Be sure to check out INDIGO: On the Road at THINK DESIGN PLAY, the 5th DiGRA conference on games and play. This year the conference is hosted by the Utrecht School of the Arts. You can find our trademark white arcade cabinets at different locations on site.
View the complete list of featured games on the THINK DESIGN PLAY website.