Dutch Game Garden and Utomik are joining forces for the INDIGO 2020 business and showcase event on June 26th taking place online this year. Dutch cloud gaming pioneer Utomik delivers a subscription service that efficiently streams chunks of the game and the service is often described as “The Netflix for Gaming”. With Utomik’s platform technology, INDIGO 2020 Online can offer its visitors the ability to continue playing INDIGO games as visitors have done in the previous 10 editions. For INDIGO 2020 Online Dutch Game Garden worked around the clock to adapt to the current situation and sought ways to offer their services online. The premier meeting solution MeetToMatch already added video services to its calendar function. For the conference part of the program, TALKS, Dutch Game Garden is able to stream keynotes and panel sessions through a variety of tools. However, the biggest challenge was providing a way for the attendees to play the DISCOVER showcase games, without them being physically there. Utomik had the answer in providing a dedicated channel for the INDIGO games. The Eindhoven-based company had been in talks with the Utrecht-based Dutch Game Gardens in the past about offering INDIGO games through Utomik’s platform. Therefore, the founder of Utomik, Doki Tops, was quick to jump on board with the new plans to utilize Utomik as the solution for the online DISCOVER showcase. “In these times we need to stick together as Dutch companies,” says Doki Tops. “Utomik has been the international pioneer in cloud gaming since 2014 and they have the ideal platform for the current situation. Games companies will be instantly playable for the entire world to promote their game to publishers, journalists, influencers, and investors, ” states JP van Seventer, managing director of Dutch Game Garden. An additional benefit with the Utomik partnership is that attendees can freely play all the showcase games for at least a week on a specially designated INDIGO 2020 channel. Players can activate their account in the week of INDIGO 2020 and the account will remain active giving players plenty of time to check out every single game the INDIGO showcase has to offer. We’ve also chosen to extend our online showcase registration by two weeks, meaning game developers can send in their games until the 30th of April. To apply for the showcase, click here.