27 September 2016 | 10:00 - 22:00

Tivoli Vredenburg | Utrecht

The most outstanding indie games | Admission free

27 SEP

What is indigo?

Dutch Game Garden invites you to INDIGO, the showcase for the finest, most outstanding games by independent developers. The games range from brand new playable prototypes to completed games offering impressive and rich experiences. With the creators presenting them on our special custom-made arcade cabinets, the stage is set for you to meet the next rising star! 

The next INDIGO showcase will be held September 27th at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. It's the perfect time to come to Utrecht, with the Dutch Game Awards and Control Conference happening in the same week!



FRU is a puzzle platformer that features an innovative use of Kinect, in which your silhouette becomes a “mask” between two game worlds.


Antegods is a fast-paced, arena-shooter set in a Stonepunk universe where civilizations around the galaxy vie for power in tactical battles.

Deliver Us The Moon

In Deliver Us The Moon, you are an astronaut sent by the WSA (Worldwide Space Agency) to save humanity.