We’re happy to present our new, completely revamped website!

Our old website dated from 2012, so it was time for a big update. Our team has been working on the new website for the past months, and we’re not completely done yet – we’ll continue to improve the website and make it a better experience for the broad variety of visitors that we get.

We completely redesigned the INDIGO page and the news and calendar sections. We also improved our FAQ and contact form to help new visitors find the right information. Additionally, we added a page about the Games Monitor for easy access to information about the Dutch games industry.

Location pages

Each Dutch Game Garden business center now has their very own location page. Click on a location to read information about it and see which companies have their office there. We also applied neat filters, in case you’re interested in news & events of that specific location.

Press kit

We were really in need of a good press kit of our organization. Journalists can now visit our press kit page to see all relevant information and media about Dutch Game Garden and INDIGO. We’ll expand the press kit to other projects in the future. Big thanks to Rami Ismail for the presskit() tool!


If you find any bugs or errors, we’d appreciate it if you let us know! Please contact us.