Well-known indie studio Vlambeer to call it a night. You might have heard from Vlamber because of games like Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box, among others. As of September 2020 Vlambeer have been a part of the games industry for 10 years, which is also when they announced that they are calling it quits.

Founders Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail both never expected Vlambeer to exist for this long, they shared in their good-bye tweet. Even though the ending of Vlambeer may seem sad, it is clear from their statement that this decision was considered thoroughly. Vlambeer was part of the Dutch Game Garden Incubation program for some time in their early years.

Vlambeer was founded after Nijman and Ismail decided to quit their game design studies at HKU (Utrecht). When their school noticed they were creating a game in their spare time, it demanded the rights to the game. The two students did not agree, thus they stopped at HKU and decided to continue on their own. Their little side project, called Crates From Hell, became a success. Once launched, they changed the name to Super Crate Box. The game gave Vlambeer recognition when they became a finalist at the Independent Games Festival.

Vlambeer is still going to launch the project they are currently working on, called Ultrabugs. This game is coming out on PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

We can’t wait to see what these talented creators are up to next.