Two Dutch developers Turtleneck Studios and Stitch Heads were chosen to be part of the Unreal Dev Grants: a program created by Epic Games to support outstanding developers who created their projects with the Unreal Engine 4.


Turtleneck Studios, located at Dutch Game Garden in Hilversum, is working on their game RITE of ILK: a local co-operative exploration game that revolves around the lives of two sacrificed children who are forced to venture through unknown lands to save their tribe from the edge of extinction.

Alanay Çekiç, co-founder and visual artist at Turtleneck Studios said the following about receiving the grants: “It’s awesome to see that our project, where we put so many blood, sweat and tears into, is being acknowledged by Epic Games themselves. With our game RITE of ILK, we want to make something beautiful and unique. When it comes down to making it, we don’t settle for less than the best. To see that people online and the community behind Unreal Engine are positive about our game is a great motivator and a compliment that money can’t buy.”



Studio Stitch Heads is working on their multiplayer pinball game KABOUNCE. In the game two teams compete against each other in a best of three format where players take control of the ball in third-person. You roll around the arena, bouncing off bumpers, collecting points and you can even steal point from the other team.
The development team had the following to say about their Dev Grants: “It’s great that Epic Games came up with this system. If we’ll do well with our game, Epic Games will be even more thrilled that we used their engine. This really helps us, a small developer, to have more opportunities for a good game release. To be honest it came as a surprise when we heard that we were selected for the Dev Grants. There are a lot of studios who would love to receive this support and out of all those studios, we are one of the lucky ones. We feel incredibly honored!”


Visit the websites of RITE of ILK and KABOUNCE to learn more about their development.