Monobanda’s Tovertafel is broadening its horizons with yet another award – the German Business Award Utrecht.

The Tovertafel

Active Cues, a spin-off organization of Monobanda, won the first German Business Award Utrecht with its interactive experience – the Tovertafel (the Magic Table). The Tovertafel is a playful product that encourages and stimulates physical and social interactions among elderly with varying stages of dementia. Large parts of the day are spent very passively for people with this condition, and the lack of movement and social contact often further diminishes their well being. The Tovertafel projects images onto any given table, which people can interact with and receive direct feedback from. Most of these projections are in the form of simple games with low barriers to entry – anyone can join at any time.

The Duitsland Business Award Utrecht

The business award granted to Active Cues was the first of its kind, part of an initiative aiming to encourage entrepreneurs from Utrecht to enter the German market. A jury made up of Dutch and German entrepreneurs and business specialists judged the Tovertafel to have most potential for export to Germany. By winning this award, Active Cues is granted a year of free advice, support and coaching from German export specialists, giving the Dutch company a chance to truly broaden its horizons.
Sjoerd Wennekes, one of the creators of the Tovertafel, is very excited to explore the potential of this opportunity: “Germany is an extremely interesting market for us. Both in sheer size, as the biggest economy in Europe, as well as strategic gain. When an innovative product is successful in Germany, it intrinsically provides a quality stamp for further success.”

The Tovertafel seems to be conquering the world, one table at a time.