In you take on up to 8 other players and AI in a snowy field with an unlimited supply of snowballs. You can shoot them rapidly or charge them for an extra big and powerful attack. Level up and choose different boosts that will help your game: there are masks that give you special powers, different kinds of snowballs, place bombs for other players and you can even build defensive structures.

Beware The Bear

Among the other players is a dangerous bear that is best left alone. It will start chasing the first player who hits it with a snowball. Get caught by the bear and it’s game over! It will only stop chasing when hit by a different player. If you’re smart and courageous, you might be able to use the bear to your advantage.

Rapid development marks Xform Games‘s first multiplayer game. The game was commissioned by and had a quick development time of only two and a half months. The studio was founded back in 2004 by Pieter Albers and Diederik Groesbeek. They have been making action-packed games for the web that are fun and free to play for everyone. ­­Recently they moved into a new office at Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. is now playable over here. You can play it in your browser.