In the past weeks, Dutch Game Garden organized a series of panels with founders of experienced game studios centered around one question: how do you survive? How do you become sustainable as a game company? In the upcoming weeks, we’ll release all videos on our YouTube channel.

In the video, panelists discuss the organizational design of their company, and how it changed over the years. The videos are aimed at independent developers that have started their own company or are planning to do so in the future.

Special thanks to Breda University of Applied Sciences and the NWO/SiA KIEM Project for making these videos possible.

The first video

In the first video we focus on game studios that make entertainment games. Panelists Roel Ezendam (RageSquid), Bart van den Berg (Blue Giraffe), Peter de Jong (Codeglue) and Vincent van Geel (Creative director & game producer) share how they survive as a company, how the company is structured, and moments of pivotal change.