Vlambeer, Abbey Games, Digital Dreams, Game Oven and other studios housed in Dutch Game Garden will be present at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco (March 17-21). At this world renowned event they will showcase their latest games to an international audience of industry professionals.

The GDC is a yearly conference and trade show in San Francisco where game developers from the entire world meet each other as well as publishers, investors, business and creative partners. For the developers present at GDC it’s a prime spot for plugging their game.Below is an overview of game companies from Dutch Game Garden who have left for San Francisco. We’ve listed their most important game(s) in brackets. Most of these studios are in the incubation programme and all are present at their own expense.
Abbey Games (Reus & Renowned Explorers)
Game Oven (Bounden)
Vlambeer (LUFTRAUSERS en Nuclear Throne)
Digital Dreams (Metrico)
Ragesquid (Action Henk)
Self Made Miracle (Penarium)
Monogon Games (Aril)

Speakers from Dutch Game Garden 

Don’t miss the Experimental Gameplay Workshop that includes Game Oven and Digital Dreams on Friday.
Bas Zalmstra from Abbey Games will host a talk about the genesis of their debut title Reus on Thursday.
Vlambeer will talk about their upcoming game Nuclear Throne on Monday.

Independent Games Festival

Simultaneously with the GDC the Independent Games Festival (IGF) takes place in San Francisco. It features a student showcase that includes three finalists from game design schools in the Netherlands: the Iranian born Mahdi Bahrami, a student at the NHTV in Breda who made the abstract puzzle game Engare, Ostrich Banditos (HKU student team) with Dutch Game Award winner Westerado and Philipp Beau from Germany, who through his education at the University of Amsterdam made Symmetrain. (via)

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