Today is the release of Reus, the very first game from the young indie studio Abbey Games. This team is based in the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht as part of the incubation program.

Reus can be downloaded through Steam,, Gamersgate en Desura, among other platforms. There’s a temporary discount, so be sure to buy asap!Reus’ titular heroes are giants that help the player shape the world. Plant forests, create oceans and let mountains rise up to the sky. The human beings that come to inhabit these fertile areas, must live in harmony with nature. To get a taste of the game, be sure to watch this video.
The team at Abbey Games started developing Reus at the end of 2011, when they were just out of college. Early versions have been playable at Dutch Game Garden’s INDIGO Showcase, most famously during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

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Abbey Games:
Twitter: @AbbeyGamesNL