We’re happy to announce a record number of 38 games showcasing at INDIGO 2016, welcoming international developers for the first time! INDIGO takes place September 27th at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.

For the first time, we have added international games to the selection, contributing to the growing international character of INDIGO. Besides featuring local Dutch talent, 13 developers from countries as far as Israel and South Africa will show their game at the event.

The games at INDIGO vary from brand new playable prototypes to finished products in all kinds of categories: entertainment games, applied games, multiplayer games, student projects, physical installations, and of course VR games.

Be sure to check our partner’s website Gamer.nl (in Dutch) in the upcoming weeks for articles on developers preparing for the event.

Here is the games selection for INDIGO 2016:

An Octonaut Odyssey
by Octo Studio

A 2D platformer that mixes exploration, logic and platform sections.

by Codeglue

Antegods is a fast-paced arena shooter set in a universe where civilizations around the galaxy vie for power in tactical battles.

by Team Cybernetic Walrus

Antigraviator is a futuristic head-to-head racing game.

by Leendert Oomen & Sam Hellawell

Antraxx is a massively multiplayer mech shooter with a heavy emphasis on teamwork and replayability with completely customizable mechs and zones.

by Virtual Play

Aquaphiles is an underwater race in virtual reality using your head and body movements to swim through the ocean with different sea creatures, each moving in their own way.

by Cukia Kimani & Ben Crooks

Boxer is a top-down boxing game that is played using only analogue sticks.

Crap! I’m Broke
by Arcane Circus

Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket is a hectic life management game with a cubist art style.

Defend Your Friend
by Frenemies

Defend Your Friend is a co-operative puzzle game in which both players are not just important, but vital – each with a unique role to fulfill.

Deliver Us The Moon
by KeokeN Interactive

Deliver Us The Moon is set in the near future where the earth’s resources are nearly depleted. You play an astronaut who takes the great step to the moon in a do-or-die secret mission to save humanity.

Dimension Drive
by 2Awesome Studio

Dimension Drive is a comic book-styled shoot ’em up that features a unique teleportation mechanic across a dual battlefield.

by Fishing Cactus

Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric action/adventure game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights an insectile corruption from an origami world.

by Bedtime Digital Games

Figment is a 3D isometric action-adventure game with puzzle phases in a surreal Dream-Punk universe, with a big emphasis on music.

by Pajama Llama Games

In Flotsam you manage a small group of drifters that try to survive in a world without land.

Fossil Echo
by Awaceb

Fossil Echo is a short and challenging story-driven platformer with hand drawn 2D graphics, that tells a wordless tale of adventure and mystery.

by TU Delft Gamelab & Hartstichting

Held is a serious game that aims to teach the sequence of steps for CPR. Random top-down scenarios allow for players to experiment with the CPR sequence, and a reward and competition system encourages players to become better at resuscitation.

by Wispfire

Herald is a choice-driven adventure about 19th-century colonialism. Set during a time of great inequality and injustice, you are faced with making difficult decisions to help uncover a great mystery.

by Artemist Interactive

HOLOTRIP is a VR experience designed as a tool for self-understanding and self-improvement. It is based on Stanistav Grof’s Transpersonal psychology treatment techniques, letting the user go through the four stages of birth.

Intergalactic Road Warriors
by TurtleBlaze

Intergalactic Road Warriors is a side-scrolling 2D racing game set in all corners of the galaxy. The game is currently in Early Access and we’re hard at work on bringing an epic single player story to the game.

by Stitch Heads

KABOUNCE is a competitive multiplayer pinball game where two teams compete against each other in a best-of-three format. In each round, players bounce and ricochet off bumpers to claim them and collect points, or steal points from their opponents with an array of pick ups.

Lumière Noire
by Paul-Etienne Bardot

Lumière Noire is construction and puzzle game that is played in a dark room with fluorescent cubes. With these cubes, the player has to build a structure as indicated by a computer that recognises the cubes through a camera and reproduces it on a screen.

by Picomy

Monomals is a music game for iPad and iPhone in which the player scoops up Monomons from the deep and dangerous waters to create incredible music on the fly in the MonoMaker. Sing, whistle or use drag-and-drop features to watch and hear your melodies come to life!

by Mortar Boar

Nimbi is a puzzle exploration game that takes place in the imaginative world of a kid named Nimbi. Nimbi is in search of explanations for the mysterious disappearance of his friend.

Old Man’s Journey
by Broken Rules

Old Man’s Journey is a light-hearted puzzle adventure game featuring an absorbing, emotional narrative – the life story of an old man, uncovered through beautiful vignettes of his memories.

by Twirlbound

Pine is an action-adventure game about evolution. The game’s system adapts to the player’s style and changes the world and its challenges accordingly. In an engaging third-person action adventure, Pine takes you through the cultures of different species that observe you and will do anything necessary to survive.

by Thunder Games

R.A.D submerges you in a virtual reality world in which you participate in a fearsome competition against hordes of aggressive mutated animals in an old nuclear waste storage facility.

by Two Tribes

RIVE is a unique 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid that lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’. You can either enjoy the game for its explosions or play the game for the story. RIVE feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels like it’s 2016.

by Hibernate Studios

Rumblerun is a real-time multiplayer race and action game for the mobile phone. Customize your unique Wylde character and compete against other players in the traditional tribal race: the Rumblerun!

by Orbcreation BV

Sailaway is a simulator game to sail between islands, across oceans or around the world. It uses the real weather and real distances and real sail trim. You can sail alone or with friends, learn to sail, practise navigation or race against others.

The Automatician
by DreamPunks

The Automatician is a first-person puzzle game that lets the player build Rube Goldberg Machines. The game takes place in a mansion during the Victorian era. Those who enter will be tested on their creativity and ingenuity, with tons of contraptions to create, grounds to explore and secrets to uncover.

The Floor is Lava
by Casper de Jong & Amro Kasr

The Floor is Lava is both a game and a gameboard. By jumping on the basketballs, two opposing teams will either turn on or off as many lights as possible. When you think you’re ahead of the opposing team, you press the button. The most important rule: the floor is lava!

Tied Together
by Napalmtree

Tied Together is a 2-4-player party game about monsters which have to escape, but there is one catch: they are tied together by a rope. Because of this the players have to show some serious cooperation skills. Remember, the team is only as strong as the weakest link!

Tormentor X Punisher
by Joonas Turner

Tormentor X Punisher is a fast-paced twin stick arena shooter from Joonas Turner, Beau Blyth and Tuuka Stefanson and is being published by Raw Fury Games. The game features rude language and pixelated violence so it might not be suited for young audiences.

by Active Cues

The Active Cues’ Tovertafel game is for people with moderate to severe dementia. It motivates them to playfully participate in order to stimulate physical and social activity. Tovertafel was developed during the PhD research of Hester Le Riche in close collaboration with the people with dementia to perfectly match their needs.

by Ludomotion

Unexplored is a funny but dangerous dungeon crawler. Expect danger, a ‘live fast and die young’-attitude and a brand new dungeon every time your hero fails.

by Bento

unWorded is a game where everything is built from letters. It lets you dive into the mind of a writer and experience his inner creative world. Hospitalized after a serious accident, the writer reflects about his life by the means of strange and wondrous tales. Help the writer reassemble his memory and thoughts in this narrative puzzle game where everything is composed of letters.

Vector Flight
by Jirre Verkerk

Vector Flight is a chaotic, twin-stick shoot-’em up game for up to 4 players. Play with your friends, customize your own ship and redeem cyberspace from a persistent virus by defeating endless waves of enemies!


by Happy Volcano

Winter is a narrative-driven exploration game that takes place one second before a young girl dies. She finds herself stuck in a world with everyone else who died in the same second. They are all given a choice: life or death. But she refuses to choose.

by Alterego Games & Digital Forest

Woven is a puzzle adventure game in which you explore a seemingly safe world that is made out of wool. You play with Stuffy, a kind but slightly clumsy stuffed animal in the shape of an elephant. You will have to reknit Stuffy into different shapes in order to overcome obstacles – elephant legs may be strong, but rabbit legs would allow you to jump!

An overview of the INDIGO 2016 selection can be found here as well.