The Flock

By Vogelsap

“The Flock is an assymettrical suspense multiplayer game. Every player starts the game as one of The Flock. Once one of the Flock grabs the coveted Light Artifact, that player becomes the Carrier who is hunted by his former allies. The player who is able to remain Carrier long enough wins. The Carrier is slower, but can burn moving Flock in the light of the Artifact. Flock that stand still however, are invulnerable to the light. The game offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience. The current version is four months into development, and is both playable with keyboard and mouse and gamepad. More levels and modes are planned, while the game is being developed with digital distribution in mind.

Vogelsap is a team of eight students of the HKU School of the Arts. The Flock started out as a school project and has started receiving press attention after being exhibited at INDIGO Gamescom 2013.


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