By Leon Feargus Kerkhoff

Reckon is an innovative new boardgame with elements of chess, stratego and poker. It is currently a game for two players and will in the future enable play for up to six players. Each player controls a set of different playing-pieces with unique abilities.

What is special about Reckon is that both players submit their turns simultaneously and secretly, using a box with spinning wheels. This makes for a shift in the turn-based principle. Each turn a marker determines which player moves first. This strategic boardgame has been my graduation project. It was initially purposed to be one of three games to feature as showcases for a multitouch console for boardgames.
Aiming at a career in the gaming-industry I have successfully completed a study Design for Virtual Theatre and Games at the theatre faculty of the HKU Utrecht. During this study (sep. 2005 – jun. 2009) I have specialised in strategic board- and videogames, focusing on creating games that are innovative in terms of either storylines or game-mechanics, preferably both.


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