Mr. Kubus

By Sketchy Monkey, 4Net Mobile

Four friends came together. Two loved making games. Two loved the iPhone/iPod touch Platform. A concept was born and all four got busy. Utilizing their talents it took them 2 months to complete the game. Mr. Kubus went live as a Sketchy Monkey and 4Net Mobile production. The game is about thinking, speed and love. The same ingredients that were necessary to realize this sometime chaotic project.
Mr. Kubus is a unique combination of a 2 dimensional platformer and a puzzle game. The objective is to help Mr Kubus collect as many hearts as possible. Stay away from the black hearts! They will lower your score. Move Mr Kubus by jumping and rotating him to the correct colored sides. Do it quickly because a fast time will earn you bonus hearts. There are 20 levels to clear. Who has the highest score? Compete with your friends by comparing scores on Twitter.


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