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The Guesstimator for Steam aims to give game developers a better understanding of the business proposition of creating a game. This tool is entirely free, provided by Dutch Game Garden and can be downloaded and copied after you leave your info down below.

Use the Guesstimator for Steam if you:

Need help to formulate a budget and roadmap; you’ll get an indication of average salaries (by Dutch average) & your expenses and you can calculate your monthly burn-rate and total budget.

Need help to develop a business case around your Steam game (on paper)use Steam Reviews of three competitors and tweak price points, investment amounts, recoups and partner percentages to see how these affect different sales scenarios.

Want to set ambitious sales goals for yourself; based on the three sales scenarios, this tool will generate revenue guesstimations, profit guesstimations, Steam Wishlist pre-launch goals, and Week 1 sales goals.

If you have any questions, reach out through our contact form or through Twitter addressing Richie de WitDutch Game Garden or Aryeh Loeb. We would love to hear how we can improve the tool and would appreciate any shared data. The tool is free to use and your copy may be customized to your liking. Please share your customized versions with us

Disclaimer: The Guesstimator for Steam is in no way affiliated or endorsed with Steam or Valve Corp. We want to indicate that the Guesstimator for Steam doesn’t function as a Totally Accurate Business Simulator. Results are based on averages, sales shared by independent game developers, research & articles. No official Steam data was used. Don’t make any business decisions based on the results of this tool! Use it as a source for discussion and to get a better understanding of the business proposition of creating a game.


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Guesstimator for Steam 1.5 Changelog
  • SALES SCENARIO: Added discount %'s & chargeback %'s
  • SALES SCENARIO: Changed the VAT/Sales Tax formula & explanation, as it was inaccurate. See the note attached.
  • SALES SCENARIO: Rearranged the order under 'Business Case'
  • SALES SCENARIO: Rearranged the deductable order in the low, medium & high guesstimated results.
  • SALES SCENARIO: Changed the formula's of Gross Profit, Margin & Markup - since these were inaccurate.
  • SALES SCENARIO: Added a warning to 'Sales Estimation'. People were manually altering them & the sheet is not meant for that.

Our Business Developer, Richie de Wit created the Guesstimator for Steam to help game developers budget their game and forecast possible Steam Sales. The tool is based on articles by Jake Brikett (Steam review count to calculate sales) and Danny Weinbaum (genre viability and trends on Steam).

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Version 1.5 - April

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