Game Industry Events: Showcase Your Game & Attract Players

Learn about presenting your game at events, pitching and networking to attract publishers, press & players to your games

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About this course

Learn everything about making a presence at a game event

  • How do you showcase your game at an event? 
  • What merchandise is best to give to players?
  • How do you meet press and publishers? 
  • What is the best way to pitch your game?
  • How does networking in the game industry work?

The aim of this course is to help you prepare for attending a game event. You will get hands-on tips about setting up a booth, how to attract players, how to meet press and publishers, how to pitch your game and network efficiently.

This course combines experience with practical examples through interviews with professionals in the game industry. 

This course includes interviews with:

  • Vlad Micu (Business Developer, Consultant, Videogame Visionary)
  • Sabina Dirks (Event Organizer of INDIGO and Casual Connect Amsterdam, Dutch Games Association)
  • JP van Seventer (Managing Director Dutch Game Garden)

At the end of this course you will be prepared to tackle any event in the game industry.

This course is for:

  • Game developers that want to showcase their game at an event
  • Game developers that want to make the most out of networking
  • Anyone that wants to attend an event in the game industry

      € 34,99

      This course consists of

      • 1,5 hour on-demand video
      • A lifetime of access
      • Access through mobile and TV
      • Certificate of completion


      What you will learn

      • Prepare for an event efficiently
      • Set up a booth that will draw the attention of players
      • Meet new people and network efficiently
      • Understand how to present your game to publishers and press
      • Make goals, prioritize them and stick to them during the event
      • Understand which promotional material & merchandise will help you sell your game
      • Know where & how to meet publishers and press at an event
      • Know how to make your game demo fitting to events