By Goodby Galaxy Games, Xform Game Development

Your best friend in the world is a goldfish named Flipper. One night when you fall asleep, he gets kidnapped. Of course you’re not going to rest until you rescued your friend! Flipper is a puzzle-adventure game. And the basic goal is to find Flipper. Which is a lot harder than it sounds thanks to many obstacles and enemies that block your path! Use the power up’s to completely change the landscape to your advantage: build bridges, staircases or blow up everything!
Goodbye Galaxy Games is a Dutch game development studio that develops awesome original home grown games! The studio is founded in early 2008 by Hugo Smits. We use our craftsmanship to create videogames that are fun,original, inventive and highly playable for both hardcore and casual players!
Xform is a leading independent developer and publisher of browser based 3d games. We create games for the world’s biggest publishers, advertising agencies and game portals and have an extensive portfolio of successful games. Since 2009, Xform also develops games for home consoles, handhelds and mobiles.


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