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by Robert Stuursma, Frank van Wijk, Joey van den Heuvel & Rob Moors

Beat3 is an original game in the puzzle/action genre which also borrows key elements from the mighty popular rhythm and dance games. With Beat3 we have set out to provide a true multimedia experience.

The addition of various bonuses, power-ups, many different game modes and even a multiplayer option

will make this game very hard to quit. The basic purpose of the game requires the player to find described words in a grid of letters. These words need to be selected through the use of a cursor that rhythmically slides across the cube shaped playing field.

The team fully consists of Computer Science students from the Delft University of Technology, who have come together to create a game that was not only technically sound but also fun to play. To accomplish this we have bundled our creative and technical forces and the end result is Beat3.


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