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Dutch Game Garden (DGG) is a game incubator located in Utrecht, housing 40+ game studios. Our mission is to create job opportunities and economic growth by supporting the Dutch games industry and promoting entrepreneurship. Besides providing studio space, events, advice & matchmaking, Dutch Game Garden's incubation program helps promising game startups by providing game business knowledge, training and access to an ever-expanding network of industry professionals.



In the early 2000’s, the education system in the Netherlands saw an emergence in courses aimed at game design, development, and art. Universities and vocational schools started producing game graduates looking for jobs and starting companies. These institutions, together with industry experts, Taskforce Innovation and the financial support of the Province and City of Utrecht, founded Dutch Game Garden in 2008. DGG started with 12 companies and grew to 40+ studios over the years, providing an incubation program that propels promising startups into global award-winning game studios. In 2010, DGG introduced the annual INDIGO showcase, an interactive exhibition of the most outstanding Dutch video games, which turned into an international event in 2016. In March 2015, DGG opened its first franchise location in Breda, followed by Twente in 2017.


Dutch Game Garden has a measurable impact on the growth of the Dutch game sector, growing from facilitating a dozen of game companies to almost 50 companies today in multiple locations. DGG has housed 130 game companies, with over 40 game start-ups in the incubation program, creating and assisted 350+ games companies and over 4000 game development students with training programs, events, matchmaking, education, recruitment, and lobbying in the area of game business and game development. These efforts boosted the game development community in such a way that it induced what we call community acceleration. Dutch Game Garden currently can reach to over 10000 contacts in all its database and social media combined and maintains close relations to the 40+ game educational programs in the Netherlands. In October 2017, Dutch Game Garden's Managing Director JP van Seventer won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dutch Game Awards for his contributions to the Dutch game industry.



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Studios & Games

    Below you can find a selection of studios that are or have been part of Dutch Game Garden. For a complete overview, please check out our locations page. dutchgamegarden.nl.

    Abbey Games
    Award-winning developer of the successful strategy games Reus and Renowned Explorers. abbeygames.com.

    Active Cues
    Active Cues creates moments of happiness in residential care, such as people with dementia, learning disabilities, or autism. tovertafel.co.uk.

    Game Oven
    Game Oven was the award-winning studio behind experimental social games like Fingle and Bounden. gameovenstudios.com.

    Developer of Action Henk, released for Steam and consoles. ragesquid.com.

    Ronimo Games
    Highly acclaimed developer known for Awesomenauts and Swords & Soldiers ronimo-games.com.

    Sassybot Studios
    The developer behind Fragments of Him, a game about loss. sassybot.com.

    Turtleneck Studios
    The game studio working on local multiplayer game Rite of Ilk. turtleneckstudios.com.

    Twirlbound is working on Pine, a game that evolves with your play style. twirlbound.com.

    Independent studio best known for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, and Super Crate Box. vlambeer.com.

    Game studio working on Herald, an interactive period drama. wispfire.com.

Selected Articles & Quotes

  • "I think the local indie scene largely exists thanks to the Dutch Game Garden. When you put that many creative studios in one building, inspiring things are bound to happen. Dutch Game Garden creates a unique atmosphere of creativity, cooperation and entrepreneurship."
    - Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
  • "In the first few weeks of being part of the startup support program of Dutch Game Garden, we rapidly learned everything we needed to successfully run a company.Financial administration, public relations and human resources were among the subjects we covered. All this really contributed to our success. Without Dutch Game Garden, Abbey Games would never have thrived as we did."
    - Bas Zalmstra, Abbey Games
  • "During our negotiation with a publisher, Dutch Game Garden repeatedly assisted us. For example, they got us in touch with a specialized lawyer who enabled us to optimize the conditions on the contract we eventually signed. DGG also gave us the chance to exhibit our game at both national and international events. That allowed us to expand our professional network of publishers, developers, press and YouTubers."
    - Rick van Ginkel, Self Made Miracle
  • "We came to Dutch Game Garden because we heard this is the place to be for startups in the Dutch games industry. We haven't been disappointed. The contact with other companies in the program and the activities being organized are very valuable in this stage of our studio's existence. We handle stuff like promotion and HR very differently - better, that is - than we would have done otherwise."
    - Roel Ezendam, RageSquid
  • "How the Dutch Game Garden Helped Remake Video Games in the Netherlands"
    - Kat Bailey, USgamer
  • "How the Publicly Funded Dutch Game Garden Helps Indie Developers"
    - Fergus O'Sullivan, GameCrate
  • "Dutch Game Garden is uniek in de wereld"
    - Niek Leermakers, Softonic

The Games Monitor 2018
The full research report on the numbers & analysis of the Dutch games industry 2015-2018. dutchgamegarden.nl.

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