Studio ISOTX, located in Dutch Game Garden, has released a new game! Online strategy game March of War is free to play for everyone and promises thrilling matches for players around the world.

March of War is available for PC and Mac through Steam Early Access and the official March of War website. The game is broken down into episodes, of which “World Aflame” is the pilot episode. The interesting thing about March of War is that players influence the game world through their own actions. These changes will become visible in future episodes.


Through a monthly TV show ISOTX will announce new content every month. March of War’s first thematic episode “Soviet Storm” will be available on Steam and other digital distribution channels from August 1. From this date onwards, a new free episode will become available every first Thursday of the month.

About the game

March of War is a free-to-play online strategy game in which players have to plan, anticipate and exploit opportunities to gain territory from each other. Players may cooperate as well. Mobile versions for iOS and Android devices will become available later this summer.
For more information visit the official website of March of War: