A month ago we announced that we were canceling the May Network Lunch. Prime Minister Rutte and ministers De Jonge, Grapperhaus, and Van Rijn announced at the time new measures to combat the spread and coronavirus and restricted certain events from taking place.

As understandable as these restrictions were, we were still sad not to be able to share with you our new location at the Dotslash building. We collected our options and came up with an online version of the networking event.

Our online solution will let you mingle, chat with folks from the industry, get updated on some new games, and pitch during the famed shout-out moment. The main difference is that we won’t be able to provide you with a nice lunch.

All the details will be revealed later on. We do advise you to register early on because the event can only support 200 attendees and we expect quite some registrations. Sign up here.