The Dutch start-up ObservingMinds has launched the Return on Experience (RoX) optimizer, which is the result of 8 years of scientific research and data science.

Founders Paulien van Slingerland and Harrie van de Vlag decided to start ObservingMinds to bring this new KPI (Key Performance Indicator) RoX on the market. This device offers continuous measurement of emotional experience using body sensors, enabling gameplay testing on an emotional level.

Return on eXperience is a new metric which can be used to analyse customer experience on an emotional level. The RoX has arisen from the Return on Investment (RoI), which is the traditional measuring method to determine a company’s success. Whereas RoI is measured across social media channels in terms of eyeballs, impressions and reach, RoX measures and captures the entire short and long-term impact experiences have on customers. RoI doesn’t actively measure physical experiences, but RoX does track these actively by analyzing differences in heart rate and brain activity, for example.

The startup is currently looking for developers willing to work with the technology during game development.