Network Lunch

Meet inspiring individuals of the games industry and connect with creative professionals, potential clients, project leaders, future interns, and teachers!

The Network Lunch is brought to you by Van Iersel Luchtman.

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What’s in it for me?

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 12:00 to 14:00, we host the Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch!

Visitors to our event come to chat with the industry, look for a new job or internship, play fresh games, or walk around looking for inspiration for a new project.

The Network Lunch is a great place to build your network, ask for advice, or give advice to others who need your help. In order to keep our events safe for everyone, we ask all visitors to accept our Code of Conduct.

We begin the lunch with announcements of the latest industry developments and important events for the upcoming month. After the announcements, visitors can take the stage to promote themselves, their project, or their company.

At the physical Network Lunches, developers showcase exciting new games and playable concepts. Developers are often keen on feedback so they can improve their games.

Our network lunch is made possible and supported by Van Iersel Luchtman.

Thinking of showcasing?

Do you have a game you want to showcase at our Network Lunch?

Please sign up Thursday before the event at the latest.
We use this time to prepare for the event. Should you miss the deadline, we will not be able to sign you up as a showcaser. However, you are welcome to apply as a showcaser for the next Network Lunch!

If you would like to sign up, please fill in this showcase form to fill in details about your game and when you want to showcase it. We will send you a confirmation email on the where and how.

Please make sure that your latest build is stable enough to play and note that we do not provide hardware besides an INDIGO cabinet with a monitor.

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