Gather round! Dutch Game Garden can proudly announce the games showcasing at INDIGOx 2019 in xDISCOVER. This years selection of 31 awesome games is a balanced variety between entertainment and applied games, student projects and studios, VR and non-VR, different genres, platforms and so on.

Applications came from all over Europe aiming to showcase on June 28th and when the deadline closed on May 6th, the Dutch Game Garden team was left with the daunting task to review over a 100 submissions. The following 31 are the lucky ones, games and studios that will go down in the history of the tenth edition of INDIGO; INDIGOx!

Meet the chosen ones here!

Besides the xDISCOVER track, where you can play these fantastic games, INDIGOx also presents xTALKS and xCONNECT. xTALKS presents 6 keynote presentations from industry leaders aiming to inspire you. With xCONNECT, you can schedule meetings with publishers, investors, and other studio’s.

Get a look at the full programme here or get your ticket for INDIGOx now.

Of course we want to thank every applicant for submitting their game. Not being selected can have multiple reasons but it never means your game is bad(!). Keep pursuing your dreams and keep making awesome games!