We’re happy to introduce Game Garden Agency, our matchmaking service where we help game studios find publishers, investors, and work-for-hire projects. 

During the last 10 years, Dutch Game Garden has built a large network in the game industry. A lot of developers in our community are working on amazing games, but struggle to find the financial means or business connections to bring those games to a success. Pitching a game and negotiating a deal is very challenging and time-consuming, especially for small teams.

Game Garden Agency

With Game Garden Agency, we connect game studios with publishers, investors, and other companies. We pitch their game and can negotiate a fair deal, making sure both parties are happy with the contract. A number of studios are looking for work-for-hire projects as well. We regularly get contacted by companies that are offering these kind of projects, and we connect them with the studio that best fits their wishes. Occasionally, we help game companies with recruitment by introducing them to skilled candidates, since our events are often visited by jobseekers.

For all these activities, we work on a no cure, no pay basis, meaning that we get paid only when the deal is closed. This makes our services accessible for game studios operating on low budgets.

A portfolio of 20+ companies

Currently, over 20 Dutch game companies have signed with Game Garden Agency. The companies range from established game studios (developing entertainment and applied games) to talented startups with promising projects. We are closing our first deals as well: we have secured work-for-hire projects for Little Chicken, Wooden Plank Studios, and Pillar Games.

Gamescom 2018

We’re at Gamescom to represent those 20+ talented game studios. Are you a publisher looking for games or do you need game development for a new project? We can match you with skilled game studios. Set up a meeting with us at Gamescom 2018 through MeettoMatch or send us an email.